Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Five random questions meme

Jen from joythruChrist tagged me with a meme. It's a five random question meme which keeps it interesting as it changes from person to person.

Here are Jen's questions
1) What's the worst weather event you've ever experienced?
2) What was your scariest encounter with wildlife?
3) What's your favourite story in scripture?
4) Can you bait your own hook? Your bait of choice?
5) What is your favourite musical genre? Favourite artist or group?

1. worst weather
- severe rain and hail storm, on family farm, probably 19 years old. Caused a lot of damage around the place. Torn doors off the driving shed. What I remember most is it rained on my box of felt board pieces and I had to toss them out.

2. Scariest encounter with wildlife
- 645 in the morning. Walking the dogs along the train tracks in town, being stalked by a BIG skunk. Not fun when you have two dogs pulling backwards because they want to "say hi". Stupid dogs, BIG skunk who looked like he meant business.

3. Favourite story in Scripture...
- hmm... daniel in the lions den? Downfall of Jericho? Clearing the temple and then healing people right after? Jesus' resurrection? All these qualify.

4. Bait my own hook
-- yes for sure. Not a problem. Regular old worms work for me. That's what I grew up with. Jim has introduced me to lures and fake bait. That works too. But I tend to first think...worms! :) Just think, in another year or so I can introduce Justin to the world of fishing too! :) Right now it doesn't work as ALL he wants to do is GET INTO THE DEEP water (which mama says no to)

5. Favourite musical genre
- I like country, oldtime gospel and country, some pop music, big band,
- love the music of Fernando Ortega, Abba, early Shania Twain,

So... my five questions and who to tag.....
1. Best vacation as a child?
2. Who taught you, and by what method did you learn to ride a bike?
3. First Pet?
4. How did you meet your significant other if you happen to have one?
5. What type of literature is your favourite and why?

I tag......(play if you would like)
Jen, Kim of UC, Baxter, Holly, and who ever else wants to play. Sorry, can't think of anyone else t do. :)


jen elslager said...

Ok, a skunk definitely qualifies as scary!

Ok, I did mine!

Baxter said...

I will get to mine, SOON! Thanks!

Holly said...

Hey Girl,

Forgive me! I've been so out of it!

I'll try to catch up with you soon!