Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christ-centered Christmas

I was supposed to review this last week or the week before but my back went out on me and made everything a great deal more difficult. Melanie graciously gave me more time to get to it. Thank you by the way. :)

Anyways, it's called "Christ-centered Christmas". I'll have to get Mel to tell me where folks can purchase it. ah no need for that.. amazing what a simple search on Google will net a body.. You can purchase it here for $6. :) A good deal by the way, the sheer amount of information packed into this ebook makes the $6 well spent.

now.. What is this "Christ-centered Christmas" e-book all about?

It is a guide to celebrating Christmas from a Christ based perspective. :)

This guide talks about decorating, food, advent, Christmas, and more. It has songs in it that are good for caroling. I have to admit, I thought it was a nice touch to include links to where you can here the carol played...helpful for those who might not know a given carol. Christmas baking WITH an ingredient list (makes it easier to do that shopping). :) She talks about her families' delight in a big dinner on Christmas Eve, complete with menu and recipes. She VERY briefly talks about Santa Claus and her reasons why her family has chosen what they do in regards to Santa. Have to admit, her reasoning resonates with me and is similar to my approach.

This whole ebook is a sharing on one families Christmas experience with others. It is well-written, it talks about more than just this particular family does things, but the focus is on what they do, and how they work hard at making the Christmas season a meaningful one focused on the real reason for the season.

If you want tons of good recipes, like caroling, and want to see how another person has worked through the Christmas season from a godly perspective, get this book. It will indeed be an aid to you.

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