Monday, September 05, 2011

My boy not feeling well

And I get frustrated with the medical system.

he has a ENT specialist. I call to book an appointment for his tonsils. But no.. I can't get in there because we've only be referred to him for his ears. So now we need to waste time and go to our family doctor so she can make a referral to him for his tonsils.

So yesterday afternoon I got to spend two hours in the emergency room so that we can get a prescription filled for his ear infection. On a positive note: his ear infection hasn't trickled down to a tonsil infection but the two play a role together. I'm seriously starting to think the tonsils need to go.

The upshot is... ear infection (a bad one). Biaxicin to give twice a day. Tonsils very much swollen but not currently infected.

On another more positive note: I met a lady who wants to start homeschooling her six wee ones. :) she lives right here in town, has two sets of twins, and two singletons. She apparently goes to church. I've mentioned HOPE and KICK to her so hopefully she'll email me and I'll get her all connected with that. Also encouraged her to come along down to the picnic in London on Tuesday with us. She seems like a nice lady.

So if I actually get off the poor me I had to do this routine I can actually see the hand of God at work here. A lady who needed the encouragement and some advise was able to chat with me abit about homeschooling. My boy got the help he needed and got to meet a nice doctor. So it's all turned out well despite the inconvenience of it. (and my boy got to spend one on one time with his mommy learning and playing)... what.. you think we went to the emerg unprepared? NO WAY.. one brings along ladybug puzzles and logic game books to keep oneself entertained. :) We also finished our Jason book - which meant we were able to entertain the other hospital patrons listening to me read to him. :) So it's all good. :)

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