Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cleaning the House

A while back I decided I was tired of letting the house get away from me.

NOT being a person who is naturally clean and tidy, and NOT being a person who loves to clean, I decided that perhaps making a list of what needs doing would be a good idea. Flylady proved of some assistance. She has detailed cleaning lists. :) Mind, you need to modify them for your own use though.

Did you know that sometimes making a list is a good idea? Go figure! it is!

I have some daily goals which are always getting met because sometimes life gets in the way.

My daily goals
  1. Dishes

  2. Kitchen table

  3. All toys tidied in living room/dining room

  4. NOTHING in kitchen that doesn't belong there

  5. Sweep floors

Dishes and the cat box are almost always done.
Now that the kitchen has been well cleaned doing the floors daily should be more possible, the making sure there's nothing in the kitchen that doesn't belong there well...that will take some continued effort. :) Good thing there's three of us in this household so perhaps we can manage it one of these days. :)

I also made household cleaning tasks up.
thus far I've managed to clean...the front porch, the kitchen (mostly), the upstairs bathroom, the guest bedroom (mostly), the garage was given a once over as well as the basement. I got the hall way done but it needs doing again.

I've the living rooms to do, the main bedroom, the bookroom AGAIN, the linen closet and the lad's room. I hope to do the lad's room biweekly but time will tell. :)

I even made up a list of things to do before winter.
  1. Plant lettuces for the fall DONE

  2. Finish bookroom

  3. Patio stones – put in place

  4. Dig up the front garden

  5. Dig up the side garden – remove as many perennials as possible.

  6. Dig up the corner perennial garden - put in the perennials from the side garden

  7. Build a shelf/rack for the rabbitry

  8. Winterize the trailer

  9. Dig up potatoes DONE

  10. Freeze beets DONE

  11. Do up some more applesauce and apple butter

  12. Make some pie filling

  13. Remove TV from basement DONE

  14. Clean garage DONE mostly tools and bench need cleaning but that's where hubby dear needs to assist to prevent complaints of "WHERE DID YOU PUT THIS". :)

  15. Clean basement DONE

  16. Put lawnmower in rabbitry for the winter

  17. Get snowblower ready for winter - Hubby's job

So I am making progress. Thought I'd put it here so I can keep updating it. Looks good to see that I am indeed making progress. Life is good. Hubby is patient and kind and sometimes helpful in the process. Once I give the house a good going over I'm going to start making a chore chart so that together we can hopefully maintain it. :)

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