Thursday, September 22, 2011

Busy busy day

Started off with caring for three sick bunnies. I'm all out of probiotics now so we'll have to see how they deal with life. It will be a spell before I can find new probiotics in a form easily administered to bunnies so we'll have to see how they do. I don't want to lose them but I have learned that fighting with young kits is pretty much a losing battle. So I'll offer all sorts of supportive care and let their systems sort things out.

Had the joy of holding Mr. Snuggle Butt.
This young fellow is the sweetest most in your face little bit of loving that you'll ever meet. In another week or so he'll be ready to start looking for someone to snuggle up with. :)

Did homeschooling with the lad this morning. It went well for the most part though he does like to whine about doing copywork. :) Instead of getting upset about it I went up stairs and chuckled about it.

Then the lad practiced being an archaelogist. I joined him for a while, and daddy joined him for a while. It was all good. I thought it was cute at one point. "Mommy, when I play digging, am I learning anything? Is it like being in school when I'm playing?" I said "yes, buddy, it is like being in school. You are learning to look carefully through the dirt to find the red clay (red brick bits). You are learning not to stab mommy in the hand (so you are paying attention to your surrounding). You are learning to work with mommy at something. AND you are being an archaelogist because you are finding things that got buried!" He was quite happy and content by that. :)that implement... a pick axe!

he is managing to find his red clay treasures.

I got the front lawn mowed. Spent time with the lad. Got the back yard mowed. Dug with the lad. Removed a variety of things from the garden. Dug with the boy. Did more garden clean up. Then discovered we had a HUGE ant problem. So put ant drops on two nests. Hubby was home from visiting so he raided all the visible ants to death. AND THEN I discovered where the yellow jackets were coming from and that killing them required a different sort of weapon than what we had. So off to Canadian Tire to pick up some more insecticide. WOOT WOOT! No more yellow jackets. No more ants coming in the house. I am one HAPPY woman!

Carrots, peppers, squash and tomatoes.
I brought the ripe tomatoes in the house.
The greens will sit out for a bit.

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