Saturday, July 02, 2011

Overdone things a bit

so we've had a fairly busy, followed by a busy Saturday biking and playing and doing things in the sun. Followed by a late night watching fireworks.

So I had a sulky sounding boy to put to bed last night, and a sulky sounding one this morning.... to be followed by a boy who tossed his breakfast up. boy is a helpful lad in that he holds it in, and uses a cup and tells us when we need to stop the car (we went out to Clinton this morning to deliver a couple of rabbits and to do a spot of yard-saling). Sold the bunnies, found Jim a hand held auger (for putting holes in the ground for his workout thingey), and bought a change of clothes for the lad at the Rack and Room thrift store.

Then home with a sleeping boy, and a good time relaxing on the couch.

At 115 p.m. he asked for some crackers/cheese and a drink. by 2 p.m. he was sounding a bit better. Still not quite himself yet, we'll encourage him to continue to just sit and relax and not be busy, and he'll have crackers/cheese/banana for supper and then to bed early. Hopefully that will completely get him back up on his feet.

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