Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A nice day

Yesterday was Victoria Day here in Canada. A day of fireworks and stores being closed. Does anyone really celebrate that it's a reminder of the our ties with Britain? I dunno, I know I don't. :)

Our day started with me doing a bit of gardening while the boy woke up. And then I mowed the front lawn while he designed a game to go to gramma's house. Stopped at Dollerama here in town so that he could pick up another toy foam shooting gun. :)

Had two rabbits to sell so I brought them along with me to London, and had a nice chat with their new owner. Like me, he's going to get out of Mini Rex...for similar reasons of really really liking the polish temperament.

Gramma, the lad and I had fun playing and talking together. We took some toys to the school grounds and flew them. It was fun.

Went home played and talked some more and then out McD's for a late lunch. I left gramma and the lad to play and headed out to pick something up from Freecycle (some files and wrenches) and then stopped at the civic gardens for a walk. AH... it was so lovely and quiet. I took tons of pics (posted them on facebook). Just a lovely day.

Headed home for 6 pm were we relaxed for a bit (I checked emails, J watched Gilligan's Island) and then out to do the bunnies. While I did them J played in our mud pile. I'm actually quite impressed with the moat he has made and how much fun he has playing with water and figuring out physics and engineering. If I put a hole here..AH!!!! the bunnies of bunny town have to fix the hole!! AH!!!! the baby bunnies are going to drown!!!

here he built a boat and is checking out how it floats.

Rescue the baby rabbits! Fix that hole!!!

see the hole! and then he got it fixed and then the BAD CATS broke it again!!
The game of discovery would have continued except the lad got bombarded by those bugs that like to fly around your face and just drive you batty.
My batty son went into the house to recover himself.

We then had supper and he went to bed. :) I had a nice chat with hubby over the computer. His knee is sore, but they are enjoying themselves.

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Anonymous said...

are you still doing Christian Carnival this week?