Sunday, April 10, 2011

Went for a walk came home with.....

A pet!

Two caterpillars to be precise.

One is a Hyphantria cunea caterpillar(fall web worm) and the other is a Pyrrharctia Isabella caterpillar (isabella tiger moth, woolly bear, banded woolly bear). The Fall web worm that we found is differently coloured than many as it's the orange/yellow version instead of the more normal yellow with Long Spikey Dense fur.

They are now safely ensconced in mouse box (aka...a bug house from the dollar store). We are going to give them lots of grass and lettuce. We will have to see how they do. We're not sure how well the web worm will do as they prefer to eat tree leaves, but we have no tree leaves for it to munch on so it will have to cope with what we have available.

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