Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Christian Carnival

Not in any particular order, very simple submission method this week as it's been a crazy busy week for me.

A Small Church Pastor's Family from Ridge’s Blog.
Hats off to the small church pastors and their families! They are making a difference where no one else will go.
Philip Carlson presents Studying the New Testament Koine Greek Biblical Language posted at Science and Theology in Apposition.
This is the first in a series of posts discussing Greek and Greek resources available online.
Jennifer in OR presents One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp: A Review posted at Diary of 1.
One Thousand Gifts is the beginning, a game of sorts, to list one thousand things in life for which to be grateful.
Russ White presents Humility verses Humanity posted at Thinking in Christ.
We need to have the humility to accept our humanity, although it wounds our pride, and stops us from dreaming of the truly grand things.
Barry Wallace presents I Hate Conflict posted at who am i?.
I'm not young, but it seems as if I still haven't learned to deal well with conflict.
FMF presents Not Enjoying Your Wealth posted at Free Money Finance.
What the Bible has to say about enjoying your wealth.
Joe Plemon presents How Moe Broke Out of His Rut posted at Personal Finance By The Book.
Although Moe had lots of riches, or because Moe had lots of riches, he was in a rut. Read how he breaks out.
Steps to spiritual formation: Taking every thought captive by Disciple's Journal.
Is it possible that we can be so 'spiritual' in the way we evaluate our own spiritual condition that we set aside the commands of God? I think so, based on a recent discussion of 'transformation'
Be Happy given to us by Fish and Cans.
I'm following This plan takes you through the bible in two years. Todays' reading is: Exodus 3-4, Psalm 33.

LeJon presents Behold, I Make All Things Anew! posted at ..::A.Bloody.River::...
Behold, I Make All Things Anew!

Inspired by SONICFLOOd & a rare song titled "Precious Jesus" by The Choir & Leigh Nash...

loswl presents More than Conquers in Jesus | INSPIKS posted at INSPIKS.
I had some experiences that led me to believe that I had demon activity in our house. I would be troubled in my sleep almost every night and sometimes when I was taking a nap in the afternoon.
Timothy Payne presents Psalm 99- An Awesome (Awe Inspiring) God posted at realityinred.
A devotional post taken from Psalm 99. Our God should inspire awe... He is an awesome God, but He is also a righteous, powerful, almighty God. Too often modern Christianity perverts His love into a Worldly love, makes that His overruling attribute (the perverted love), and excludes His Holiness and terrible awesome power. The Fear of the Lord becomes the chummy respect, and... the terror of sin's retribution becomes the "Oops, I did it again" mentality...

Dana shows up with More than words can say posted at Roscommon Acres.
Sitting, nursing, listening to my daughter recite her verses for AWANAs I turn the page. There at the top, a question:

“What is something going on in your life you can pray about?”

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