Sunday, January 30, 2011

Water to Wine

Jim's sermon this morning was on Jn 2:1-11 where Jesus turned the water into wine.
Justin and I did the video, the lad is learning how to control the sound. Soon enough I think he'll be running it himself! :) Anyways, I appreciated how Jim pointed out that all the stories about things that Jesus did in John are told so that we can see the eventual glory of Christ.

So how Jesus shows himself in this story as the future bridegroom who will provide everything a bridegroom is supposed to provide when the future glory comes. It was also interesting to see how the context fits into all this and explains why it was important. Middle Eastern hospitality is very important, and to not be able to be a effectual host is NOT a good thing. For Jesus to help out the bridegroom in this Miracle story was an important thing. But more importantly, it shows us more about who Christ is, so that we can more fully believe in him.

What else?
This afternoon we went tobogganing at the Pinery. We even went down the "BIG HILL" three times. I would NOT let Justin go down using his Zipfy as he's too young to control it going down such a big hill, but we had fun going down on my toboggan. But we mostly had fun on the smaller hill.

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