Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Trying things in a new way

Trying to Do things a new way.

Being more organized with homeschooling the lad. Working on it, not there yet, but feeling overall better about things.

Adding some exercise everyday. Usually mom and son, but sometimes Dad joins in. Will do 1/2 daily if not longer, regardless of the weather. Will sometimes mean exercising in the basement, or sometimes running the stairs at church, but mostly will be outside...playing in the snow, skiing, snowshoeing, walking around the block or whatever we happen to find.

Eating better and hopefully more regularly. :) right now that seems to be 1000, 130, 5/530 and then snack. I know...odd timing, but so far that's what is suiting us. Eating less and hopefully healthier overall. Added lots of fruit to my diet which is better than munching on this that and whatever. :)

Going to bed ON TIME. No more late nights. Means I can get up in the morning and have time for devotions AND to set up Justin's computer games for him.

Trying to realize I don't have to do it all. Doing what I can and just stopping is not a bad thing. (yeah, right)... still working on this one. :)

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