Sunday, January 23, 2011

Today's Sermon: Come and See

Right now Pastor Jim is preaching through the book of John. It's been quite interesting.

John 1:35-51

Well. I was going to link you to biblegateway but the computer seems to have trouble loading some pages this morning, others it has no issue with. Go figure.

So hold on, I need to find a bible with a big enough font to read in low light. I'll put the link up later.

Anyways, this passage has two sections in it and I imagine that Jim will probably preach on the first section about Jesus choosing the first disciples of Jesus, though he might do both as they are well connected. :) Verses 35-42 are on "the first disciples of Jesus" when John the Baptist (I think) was there with two of his disciples. Verses 43-50 was the following day when Jesus got a couple more disciples.

John called Jesus "the Lamb of God". This led to a conversation between his disciples and Jesus that lasted all day. Andrew was one of those disciples and his first action was to bring his brother Simon (Peter) to meet Jesus. Andrew told Simon "We have found the Messiah!" I find it fascinating that Jesus renamed Simon - Peter as soon as he met him. It's like who does that? Only God of course. I don't find instances in the bible of people renaming people, and when God renames people, it has significance.

The next day when Jesus went to Galilee he met Philip. "Come follow Me" Jesus says and first thing Philip does is introduce Nathanael to Jesus. And that led to an interesting discussion as well, where Jesus tells Nathanael that he saw him under the fig tree...and that information is enough to convince Nathanael that Jesus is God's son and the King of Israel.

So Jesus now has his first four disciples: Andrew, Simon (that is Peter), Philip and Nathanael.

I shall endeavor this afternoon to put up my notes from the sermon. No guarantees though, I try to stay off "the beast" on Sundays.

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