Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Snow again

So yesterday it decided to snow. We got I'm thinking.. a good 10 inches all told.

It was 630 when daddy noticed how hard the snow was coming down, which prompted a "I want to go out and play!". I said, okay... I"ll shovel some snow. Jim took over my plunging the sink...he took it apart as opposed to plunging it...even found the little screw that goes with our scissors. YEAH!!!

After clearing the driveway we went for a walk. We tossed a few snowballs, it was good. A nice way too for a boy to run off excess energy before bed. :)

and then this morning after I came in from doing the bunnies I found a boy getting all dressed.
"I want to come outside with you mommy"!

Out shoveling snow this morning. The lad I thought was off playing in the backyard.

Out he comes with his wagon and shovel.
"I"m helping too mommy"!
"great" I said as I continued to shovel snow.
"NO!!! don't take that snow mommy! I'm making letters"!
He made a B, J, H, O, A. He was quite pleased with himself. I"m pleased as well. Nice to see a boy writing his letters and then singing the alphabet song, mostly correctly. :)

It was a good time outside in the snow. Not too cold, pleasant conversation, and a job well done. :)

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