Saturday, January 29, 2011

The London Home Show

The London home and lifestyle show was on today at the Western Fair. We had a good time. This was a GOOD show to attend. Lots of booths to wonder, lots of black pens and candies for a lad to collect, people to talk with, and interesting things to see.

Our original plans for the day had been to go the Central Library first for an event they had on from 10-2, but that just didn't happen. We had a lad get up late, and he was quite tired acting, so we gave him time to eat breakfast and wake up a bit first. I'm glad we took that time though it did make our day a bit later than planned. Oh, the other reason for the delay was my desparate search for a library book that I wanted to return if we made it there. Took a good bit to find it but... I did! (so that was a pleasing thing).

It was a good day, I had four does kindle (have their babies). All good sized litters for their breeds/sizes. I did foster one kit over from a doe (Slip) who had seven to a doe (Gayle) who had three. This will help Gayle's kits stay warm better and will make it easier on my older girl Slip.

Got the newsletter for church done today and distributed as well AND I'm not my normal one week late. Folks may be surprised tomorrow in Church. :)

Anyways, that's all I got, I'm tired and will be going to bed on time tonight. :)

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