Friday, January 07, 2011

Busy Day

First off....trip to the London Art Museum. To read more on that go here. :)

Then off to Costco for groceries, Wal-mart for supplies, and a few more places.

Boy...I had planned for this to be a longer post... ooops..

Oh right, in the evening I gave a chair away that we no longer needed. It was gifted to us, so we choose to pass it along again.

I discovered two does making nests. One I expect kits from, the other I'm really not convinced of (she had a miscarriage a week ago so not expecting kits, but odder things have happened). And one doe being decidedly grumpy but NOT building a nest... but she gets really grumpy the day before she I'm hoping. :)

What else... did some more work in the book room. Also started making Justin a picture file box. Pics and interesting words that I'm pulling from old magazines and what not.

Going to bed tonight Justin commented "I'm glad I'm homeschooled mommy. I like it". Made my heart smile it did. :) hopefully he'll continue thinking like that. :)

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