Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today's Activities

Got to bed late on Monday, so got up a bit later this morning.

before I went out to take care of the bunnies, the lad got up, so I got handy manny on for him and went to do the bunnies, where I discovered one of my kits died overnight...total bummer that. back into the house to see that my hubby was up, tired from lack of sleep.

Threw some sort of breakfast together and talked with mom on the phone for a minute.

Worked through day one of the Terrific Tigers unit study from Download N Go. We had fun doing this. Watched loads of videos and did a bunch of stuff on-line including this cool tiger puzzle that Justin did twice. :)

Did laundry, taught the boy how to pull a fitted cover down over a mattress, and he also learned how to clean a bathtub! :) He had the fun part of bathing the tub clean and then having a bunch of hair bottles end up in the water with him to scrub, and then rinsed it out really well for me. What an excellent young helper he can be.

We had planned to drive the library, but decided it was such a nice day so we walked instead. Good exercise. Got out one tiger book from the library and then played trains for 45 minutes. We had hoped to visit one of the seniors on the way home but we forgot and went to the dollar store for a drink instead. We enjoyed our drink sitting out back of the dollar store and reading books. Very nice to do that with a lad.

Home to work on more laundry and to make supper. I did sausage with potatoes and corn, and the lad did potatoes, corn, tomatoes and cheese since he is not real up on sausage yet. I only did sausage because I'm emptying the freezer of all meat products before I start buying more. They need to be used up! soon I'll be doing the same with the veggie and fruit freezer. I want it empty by spring. Pt the lad to bed and then vegged on the computer for a while since Jim was at a meeting. he came back in good spirits. :) we talked a while and then watched NCIS: Los Angelos together. As Justin would say "this has been a good day, I liked all of it."

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