Tuesday, September 07, 2010

NGBTS picnic and other stuff

Today we attended the NGBTS picnic hosted by KLC and A Different Drum from London. NGBTS stands for Not Going Back to School, it's a picnic for homeschoolers.

We had a scavenger hunt which our lad thoroughly enjoyed. :) I really liked how they had this one set up. It went beyond the normal find this find that and bring in all this stuff. It worked with all the five senses... can you hear, can you smell, can you see, can you touch, can you read, can you find. Justin had a lot of fun with it too. He even tried to catch a squirrel to put in his pocket. :)

We picked up some new books. Okay...these were "new to us" book. Most were on science experiments or teaching books. There was a lady there who had five cases of books and apparently has another 90 cases in her home yet. In one of the books the lad found an experiment that he desperately wanted to do IMMEDIATELY! To read how that went, go here. oh the book was this one (101 great science experiments):

After having a picnic lunch and chatting with a lady we met at the HOPE picnic and a couple other people we ended up not going the play area for a play time, but instead ran some errands and went home.

The lad experimented, we had supper and the two of us went to pick grass for the bunnies and had fun with the "pink cats" that like to sneak up a body (and then one needs to hide in the corn field). Only the mommy pink cats are dangerous. The baby ones are fun and like to follow you like friendly cats, and the old ones with purple around their eyes are safe and like to say hi, and be petted. (active imaginations the lad and I have). :)

Then time for bed and book reading and conversation.
Overall a good day.

Discovered when we got home that hubby dear expected we'd be in London late today, whereas I expected to get home by 5/530. So I was delighted with how the day went whereas Jim wasn't quite so. Shoot... what can a person do but learn to communicate these things more clearly......It's always a learning process. :)

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