Saturday, September 18, 2010

Door's Open London

For more on what Justin learned go here.

We had a really good time going out for the day to Doors Open London. We got off to be bit of later start then anticipated, but we managed to cover four of the five that I thought we could do.

We went to the agricultural center, the train club, the HMCS Provost and the Secrets of Radar Museum.

The agriculture center it was fascinating learning about what they are doing in their search to find better ways of handling pests and disease in crops. I learned that was TWO of my potatoes had this year was potato scab which is found quite literally all over the world and they are working on figuring out what causes it to be a problem at times and when it isn't. Justin touched a horn worm. Boy..they are big, and I've never seen one on my tomatoes (yeah!) The making steam was just sheer fun AND we got to listen to bugs eating...sounded just like Justin eating an apple. (that made him giggle). :)

The train club was just huge. Absolutely fascinating seeing all those trains zooming around.

HMCS Provost was for the most part a bit boring for the lad but he found it a hoot running around the upper deck. It was so big and open. I learned how to make a figure 8 knot. Justin and I got a mirror for trying the monkey fist rope toss into a kisby ring. And here's a video on how to make a monkey's Fist knot.

Secrets of Radar Museum. Just a small museum it was interesting walking through it. We found radar points on a big board, and Justin matched pictures to old planes. But what he enjoyed the most was when we looked at various voltmeters and parts that belong to radar stations and I told him what they all were. Rather fun that.

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