Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Book Reviews, June 1

The Too Hot Day by Beverly Komoda

Justin loved this book. We've read it almost every night for three weeks. he noticed things in the book that I didn't, (like why they were too hot). he asked LOTS of questions. He laughed, He thought. A good book.

I found the repetition of ___ said, and ____ said.. rather monotonous and by the end of the third week was substituting ____ exclaimed, and ____ replied etc.

Brown Rabbit's Shape Book
by Alan Baker

Justin enjoyed this book. It was easy to occasionally change it up. Such as "white rabbit" got a thus and such. The boy loves it when I change simple stories once in a while.

Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen

What an adorable book. Justin loved it, I loved it, even Daddy liked it. :) "what are stacks mommy?" "mommy, can we see a lion in the library?" "mommy, read it again!". :)

The Upstairs Cat by Karla Kuskin

Justin liked this book because it had the cats in it, and what they did was fight all the time, which led to questions about why they fought, can they be friends, why won't they be friends, and so on so forth. So we'd read the book again. It used some big words which led to questions about what does that word mean mommy? He had to listen to understand and that wasn't a bad thing. Did he fully get it? I don't think so, but he liked listening to it.

American Shorthair Cats by Nancy Furstinger

not a bed time story book, but a book all about cats. "Mommy! Can we buy this cat? I want a cat like this one!" He learned lots about his favourite beastie and got the "I wanna's please mommy". :)

The Raft - by Jim LaMarche

We read this book once. Justin didn't understand it, and it didn't have enough cats in it to encourage his interest. I thought it a decent enough book, but just too over his head at this point.

Wilderness Cat by Natalie Kinsey Warnock

Well....what can I say about this book. LOVED IT! Seemed a bit improbable, but the boy loved it. Introduced him to the idea that rabbits have more than one use in life, that cats can be loyal to their people, and more. A good book, much appreciated by a boy child and his mommy.

Library Mouse by Daniel Kirk

Imagine a book that doesn't have a cat or a bunny in it that a boy actually likes! I had to encourage him to take it out of the library, but once home and read twice, it became by week two a book of choice, "read this one mommy."

Why Do Rabbits Hop? by Joan Holub

Another informative book. Not a bedtime reading book, just a book to learn from. Most of the information was relatively accurate. :) Lots of pictures for a boy child to look at.

A Farm of her Own by Natalie Kinsey Warnock

We read this book twice. It spawned lots of questions. But was not a book for choice for this boy child.

All Around The Farm

Another not for bed time reading book. Just a book to talk about life on the farm. Much was accurate, some was not. Lots of pictures to look at, tractors and their machinery to discuss. Not a bad book at all.

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