Monday, April 12, 2010

oops....a fall

So yesterday we went out to the pinery for a walk.

We get a pass every year and it's one of our favourite places to go. Once the warm weather hits we'll be doing picnic lunches in the park as well.

We decided yesterday to take the heritage trail. It's a longer trail that has a walkoff to the river. We took that trail.

Justin and I walked and looked at different things along the way, noticing the some trees have different bark than others, seeing purple butterflies (might be a moth), catching glimpses of moss, and lichen growing among and on the trees, and then we came to the river. Don't little boys always like rivers?

Justin noticed that the water level wasn't very high and commented on it. and wanted to walk across the river. We thought that wasn't a good idea. I said it was deep in the middle, dad said the bottom was too soft and he would sink in. So justin had to test that theory out. It started out as finding a branch to stick into the water and wow!!! it was true!!! look how far he could stick that branch into the bottom!

So he had fun Splashing around in the water while siting on the dock. I retreated as getting splashed with river water wasn't my idea of fun and he was being safe.

But then....he wanted to get the big branch out of the water. He did fine getting it out until he thought he'd turn around with it.
He unbalanced and then landed up in the water!

Mommy!!! HELP!!!!!

(this yelled as I was rushing towards him).

I hauled him out.
he was dirty and stinky and cold!!!

he wanted to stay longer and play more.
I said'll just get colder.

"but mommy, I"m all wet now, I can play in the water more". "it's all shivering now, so I can still play right?"

No buddy, we're heading back to the car because you'll just get colder.

All the way back to the car I got comments of
"i'm shivery cold"
"good thing I grabbed the dock right mommy?" (yes)
"why did I do that mommy?" (you got over balanced by the stick)
"why" (because it was too long and heavy for you)
"Oh, I should have broken a piece off" (that would have been a good idea)
"why didn't I mommy?" (I don't know, it easier to think afterwards about better ideas)
...and then with tears "I wanted to bring the stick home with me!!!!!!"
"why did I fall off mommy?" and so forth.....

Dad had left us and walked on ahead....I got the feeling that he's abandoned us to the slow walk back to the car. NOT to be when Justin finally caught sight of him he took off down the trail after him.
I decided to let him run and took a short cut through the bush. Learned that Jim had walked on ahead in the hopes of encouraging Justin to run/walk faster as we both know a cold wet boy doesn't move particularly fast.

We stopped at a host camper site and begged some soap and a towel so we could give the lad a wash up.
Justin LOVED the warmth of the shower and could have stayed under it for a good 20 minutes. I just wanted to not get soaked! But no more river smell, a warm boy and a change clothing. Life is an adventure isn't it?

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