Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Son......My Hero

I have this .... small... yes, that's the word... small fear of spiders landing on me.

Over the years I've gotten braver at being able to end their miserable little lives if they are in the house, outside I can enjoy them as God intended but there is something about a spider being in the house, or worse yet ON ME, that just .... well......Does NOT sit well with me.

Last night while reading to Justin I noticed a spider doing laps around his ceiling light. He was tired, I successfully managed to ignore it.


Milo (justin's cat) decided he'd read with us.
HE was utterly captivated by lamp lapping spider.

I attempted to remove said spider from the ceiling.
It jumped!!!

I no.. really...I didn't freak out.. really I didn't.

Justin immediately jumped to my rescue.
"That's okay mommy, I"ll get him".
"That bad spider won't jump on you".
He jumped in circles around me to protect me from the spider until he saw where the spider landed and then he SQUISHED him with his bare hands.

YEAH!!! My son, my hero!!!

Me...the big wimp......

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