Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Today was an okay day

So I woke up feeling pretty good, other than my normal "sore throat, got something that won't quite go down feeling". But overall feeling okay. Nice that. I've had that two days now which is good. :) Lasted until about 2 p.m. I slowly started to feel tired and blah again. And just rather uncomfortable in my own body. I am getting very tired of this.

yesterday I managed to finish the basement... getting it organized that is. All I have left to do is the garage sale corner, but April is coming. :)

I have a doc appointment booked for next week, see if she has any ideas as to what is causing issues for me. Somewhat hopeful, though not very.

Jim is back to work. Last week he preached one service, he's planning on preaching two this Sunday.

Went to the dentist yesterday. Justin's chipped tooth has become a cavity, and he has a small one on another tooth. It would seem that he's inherited my teeth so we'll be looking into ways to help minimize damage and to teach more proactive care. (no being like daddy with only brushing once in a while). :)

Cinnamon has gone home again. He's a rabbit of my own breeding that went to a local family who has helped me with rabbit care. He's turned out to be as lovely as I thought he would. Just a lovely lovely lad. He was here for 10 days.

What else....Traded a bunny today. One largish broken chocolate Holland lop for a younger broken black holland lop. LC brought along a former doe of mine for a date with one of my bucks, but does being what they are...she would have NOTHING to do with the buck we wanted her with and went to be with Wiggers instead. Does can be frustrating at times. If kits result I'll get kits back, otherwise, no harm no foul. But it does make me laugh at how picky some rabbits can be. :)

Justin enjoys nursery school and I like having time to myself, but there are times when I think he'd be just as fine staying at home. I do think it's good for him to out with other children a bit more, but ah, there are times when I wonder about leaving him home with me. it's a challenge to balance that one out and I have to admit, I don't know the answer.

Not a whole lot more to say. So bye! :)

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