Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our household :)

So yesterday I went to the doctor.

She has put me on a couple of different meds.
She has also referred me to a gastroenterologist specialist in London.

she had a look of perplexity on her face so she's trying to figure out just what is going on with my stomach/esphagus and such like.

Ever since I was a teen I've been having reflux issues but was basically told not to worry about it as a teen. By the time i was a young adult I worked up the nerve to ask my doctor (at the time) about it, and she did tests and said I don't have acid reflux, but what I have is 'a wonky valve'. Just what that is technically I cannot recall. It's never really been an issue as it hasn't been painful, just an inconvenience.

Ever since taking the nexium to control what my current doc thought was gastritis, when I have reflux now it is distinctly painful when it occurs. I have a constant ache in my chest and a feeling of something in my throat. I am fortunately not as tired as I have been in the past three months, but do run out of steam by end of day and only want to sit and play on my computer (much to Jim's chagrin). I find it wearing.

Jim is back to work full-time.

He is not quite back to full-speed yet with who HE is. Takes him longer to prepare a sermon, has difficulty reading out-loud, and doesn't 'catch' things as quick. BUT we expect that he'll make a full recovery over time.

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Baxter said...

Well praise God Jim made it through that ordeal! That med for you sounds suspicious. I hope you get things worked out, and that it is nothing.