Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday afternoon update

Okay, went to visit Jim today.

I was there for about 3.5 hours. Would have stayed longer but had promised Justin I'd be home before supper.

John and Art stopped in. Good of them to visit. Jim TIRED when they left and they were only there for five minutes.

Met his Doctor. Seems like a good competent fellow.

He talked a bit about diet and exercise. To avoid processed foods, to follow a diet of some sort , to eat homemade, and to exercise for 45 minutes every single day. Whether that is done all at once or throughout the day matters not, it's just a matter of doing it every day.

Jim had his CAT scan. Seems he's had two TIA's in the past that have gone unnoticed.
His most recent has been upgraded to a minor stroke.

He is going to have a MRI done at some point.

He had a blood pressure done before I left that had the second number at 89! woot woot! :)

He'll be sent home IF they can keep the numbers down consistently. It's remained a battle to keep the numbers down. they go down, they pop right up again. So they need to figure it out a bit more yet.


jen said...

oh, wow. Just read this. Two more TIAs in the past? Wow. Just keeping in prayer for you all...

Rileysowner said...

The doctor said non-symptomatic TIAs are actually quite common. With CT scans we can now see them clearly where before we couldn't. Either way, they have not affected me. Hopefully the current mini strokes results will pass completely as well. Likely they will as they slowly are improving. It is just a time thing.