Thursday, January 14, 2010

Update on Hubby again :)

So Jim saw the doc first thing this morning.

His blood pressure is high, that might be a sickness thing though.
So he's on new meds for his pneumonia, doc thinks it's infectious pneumonia and on meds for his blood pressure.

altogether he's on five different meds right now.

A whole whack of blood tests was done on him.

We await a call from the hospital regarding his CAT scan.

Our son has a cold right now.

I no longer feel as though I have a vice on my chest but my energy levels aren't quite were I would like them and I still cough ALOT. And if I do too much my chest hurts again.

Aren't we all just a fun bunch to have around?


The Muse said...

My heart reaches to you ...sending prayers out and up!

Kim said...

Continuing to pray, Annette!