Thursday, January 28, 2010

Today's Health report

Jim had an MRI, an echo gram, and a bubble test all done today.

The bubble test is for making sure the valves of the heart work.
The echo gram showed he has no holes in his heart.
The MRI - they didn't have the results for yet.

The doctors are thinking he might be home tomorrow.

I found him tired today, but he didn't much sleep last night due to post-operative care for his room-mate. AND today they kept him very busy.

He's had ONE normal blood pressure, and a few within normal parameters. He's had a couple odd ball ones. He's on about six different medications. In time it is hoped that they can get that down to one or two, but it will take some time.

He was more coherent in his speech though he still has some facial paralysis.

He was more energetic in our walk about the place and even went down to Tim Horton's with me to get a drink (I was parched).

He still slurs his words a bit, but mostly when he talks to fast or can't quite get certain word combinations out right.

He has a bit of a road to travel yet ahead of him...weight loss, change in diet, change in exercise levels and such like.

I am feeling more hopeful. :)

Justin is having a hard time with dad being away so long. He cries easily yet but insists he is NOT worried about dad. He really didn't want me leaving today to go visit Dad and that about broke my heart....but I knew he was safe with Gramma. He was simply delighted to have me home again and we had a good time playing, having supper and then going to bed. :)

Me: I woke up feeling completely horrible, had a bad time at the vets office, and kinda fell apart today for a while. Other than that, I'm doing okay. I'm hoping tonight I sleep well and that I"ll be feeling less icky tomorrow. Cheers!


Kim said...

Good news that Jim may be home tomorrow!

I'm praying for you Annette... hope Justin feels better tomorrow, too. What a blessing to have a grandparent to care for him while you're away.

Annette said...

thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

And is so lovely to have gramma caring. She not only helps with Justin but gives me someone to talk to which I wouldn't have if J was housed elsewhere.

Too much aloneness wouldn't be good for me right now. :)

jen said...

I wish I were there to give you a real hug... but my prayers are still with you 'nets. (((hug)))

Annette said...

and Jen...I'd take that hug and then some :)