Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Did you know that the word impavid means fearless?
I didn't know either...until I looked up a scrabble word that I played. Funny how sometimes you through letters together and go hmm... looks like a word, wonder if it is. And.. IT WAS!!!
rather cool that. :)

anyways... I'm not normally impavid, but sometimes I am. When it concerns my boy...by all means. :) When it comes to preserving the integrity of our household...indeed. But scary things on tv, spiders ON ME, intimidating people, sharing my faith with scoffers and other such things...nope, not impavid. With the last...should be cause it's not by my own strength, but none the less I am.

Update on Jim. He has up and down days. up days he tries to do stuff, down days he simply can't. Did the dishes for me last Saturday as J and I were away all day, it totally tuckered him out and there was only one sink full (not a big sink full either).

He coughed up some blood again the other day, that concerned me.
He went to church on Sunday and half way through the service he just wilted. You could just see it on him.

Sent our boy away to my parents for a couple of days (Saturday afternoon to Wednesday morning) to give everyone some quiet....we are a houseful of people who NEED quiet and alone time and this forced to be together all the time is not good for us. Jim normally runs a pretty busy life with lots of time away and he hasn't been able to get away (justifiably sick!) and I haven't been able to just be home by myself so stress factors were abundant. He's going over to the church this afternoon for a couple hours to work on a disfunctional computer, and I'm going to just putter (or possibly take a long bath which I very rarely do). Ah...I am SO looking forward to it. :)

Our boy didn't really want to go, but I know there that he is safe, that he will have fun, and he get some quiet time too. Here...he was just getting loud and angry, which wasn't working well for two parents who were feeling loud and angry inside of themselves too. My mom says he's doing better there which is good for a momma's heart to hear. Means I made a good decision. :)

Anyways, I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, but I'm feeling somewhat functional. Best get on with the day then eh? :)


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