Friday, December 25, 2009

Update on Jim

He's off work until the New Year.
His right lung was completely infected and needs to do some healing.
His left lung was partially infected.
Pneumonia is not fun to deal with.

Then he'll be on limited work until doctor's visit on the 19th.

He's getting an x-ray on the 13th.

He's on a variety of meds.

He's up and down. One day he'll be so-so, the next day very tired.
He's NOT well.

He drives me crazy...I know he's not well, I tell that to people. They ask HIM how is he, and he says "oh, I'm fine." I'm fine from a man who gets exhausted drying six glasses or helping a child put away a bit of lego? That's NOT I'm fine. :)

Your continued prayers are appreciated.


Kim said...

I will be praying for him, Annette.

Annette said...

kim, thank you. :)