Thursday, December 03, 2009

It's slowly coming together

So slowly we are getting the house in better shape.
- most nights the kitchen is clean, The buggy's room was done yesterday, and the living room is mostly in a controlled state of being.
- mom helped tidying the basement and garage while she was here on Saturday caring for the buggy.

Slowly we're getting the backyard cleaned up.
- flower beds are ready for winter, the branches have been broken up for burning, Jim needs to cut up the old garden bed wood for burning
- I need to cut up my wood for rabbit sitting boards.
- and we have this and that and needs destruction or removal.
-'s slowly coming together. :)

Yesterday while the lad was a nursery school we put up two tarps. One over the shed to protect the new tarps from the roughness of the shingles, and one tarp over the old tent. Now to put up the other tarp over the new tent and to make a door of some sort for getting into both tents.

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