Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What a lovely productive day it's been

Today I...
  1. cared for the bunnies
  2. got some laundry started
  3. went to the dam with Justin to collect some leaves and do some tree rubbings. We had a totally lovely walk. Watched the geese swimming on the lake, a group of them came pretty close to us checking us out. At the end of the day Justin said this was the "veryest, veryest part of of the day". (I asked him what was the best part of the day)
  4. Then off to pick pumpkins. Cue one little lad running madly through a pumpkin patch, finding pumpkin "bongos" to beat. Cue one sad lad when the pumpkin he rolled all the way from the field to the car had a soft icky spot, but that lead to a good thing...RUNNING all the way back to the field to find another bongo drum pumpkin and to build roads for all the pumpkinies to travel on.
  5. Out for lunch at McD's with the lad. We shared a large sized order of McNugget Combo. yes, I know, not healthy, but a chance to just hang out with my lad. AND to discover just how long it takes a wasp to recover from being totally covered with honey, and then to find it's way out of a McNugget box. (five minutes for those interested).
  6. Home again to unload the pumpkins and then to decide to mow the lawn out front. The lad wasn't keen on that...so headed into the backyard to dig in the dirt. I figured...ah what the hay...I'll go back there too and work in the gardens. Got two beds emptied completely and reworked with compost. Got one just fairly reworked and replanted all the onions that we found in both beds. If anyone wants travelling onions...they are actually quite cool.. they will over a season (if you let them) travel across your garden. I'll be giving some away in the spring. :)
  7. Burned up some of the wood we had laying around in the backyard (it was a fairly calm day). Bagged up three bags of compostables that I don't want in my compost (weed heads/weird looking pumpkin leaves and an overabundance of tomato vines). Threw some compostables under the hedge out front....flowers and such like that I don't mind coming up wild there. :)
  8. Fed the boy a snack when he got soaked and therefore cold. Got myself a drink while at it.
  9. said hi to my sick hubby.
  10. mowed the lawn front AND back! woohoo!!! that was a job well overdo!
  11. inside to make supper and do some laundry.
  12. played with the lad over supper while enjoying soup and apple. the lad doesn't do soup so he had a couple of sandwiches, cheese, and the rest of my apple.
  13. Made the lads' bed, folded some towels, read a LONG book with the lad and chatted much with him and his cat Milo.
  14. Did J's bedtime routine with him, then downstairs to eat my nightly ration of Puffed Wheat.
  15. Told Teo when he stopped in that I'm sorry, I thought everyone had been called about Jim being sick and there being no consistory meeting. He mentioned he'd been out since 5. Oops! Can't fix that one. :(
  16. Now to answer rabbit emails, do some more laundry, and to just relax for a while.... ah...won't that be nice? Oh...I will need to do my exercises yet or I'll never sleep tonight.
It has been a totally lovely day.
God has well blessed my efforts today. :)

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