Thursday, October 15, 2009

My lad occasionally stumps me

He comes downstairs telling me...This one isn't a sticky one mom, it's a good solid one!

Me: What?

Oh ...Justin you have poop in your hand!
Let's go put that in the toilet

J: NO!!! It's for my poop collection!

Justin, you are NOT having a poop collection.

J: but how will I see it again?

Why do you want a poop collection?

J: the bunnies in bunny town have a poop collections!

NO, you CANNOT have a poop collection.

J: but I like having collections, pillow collections, poop collections, bottle cap collections... I like collections mommy.

That's good Justin. I know you like collections. Collections are fun. But you CANNOT have a poop collection. I will even let you have a spider jars...BUT NOT a poop collection.

J: but I can put the poop in jars mommy

Justin NO.. you can't have a poop collection. It's icky.

J: Why?

Because poop has all the bad stuff in that your body can't have in it. That's how we get rid of it. You can't have a poop collection because it might make you sick.

J: so where can I collect my poop?

In the toilet, goes to the sewer...

The conversation then degenerated into a discussion on sewers, sewage treatment, processing plants and such like.

A poop collection???
I know he's a boy...

but WHERE did this come from?????



Earl said...

Lol! Glad he changed his mind. Very nice blog.

Annette said...

thanks Earl, glad you stopped by. :)