Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Zoo

Gramma, Jim, Justin and I went to the zoo yesterday.

It was a bit busy...BUT we had fun.

Gramma's favourite time: playing with Justin in the tunnel and growling...even getting a young girl to growl back at them. :)

Jim's favourite: Justin's joy at the otters. Oh boy....did he have fun with the otters...even had to run up and tell Gramma to come down and see them. :)

Annette's favourite: Tagu's Cousin! Cousin Tagu! Meow, meow! (and then having tagu look at them too). I think we saw every cat at the zoo.

Justin's favourite part of the zoo? When asked his response is "I don't know!" but he had lots of fun running playing looking. Even playing in some teepees with some young girls.

Better watch out Justin.....those girls are lighting a fire! :)

It was lots of fun all round. I'll post more pics another day. :)

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