Wednesday, May 06, 2009

things learned when.....

Things learned when planting seeds with a preschooler.

Sometimes a request to plant seeds....well...isn't a request to actually PLANT seeds. :) It's called give me some seeds, I'll dump them in a bucket and then let them all assume different personalities and hide throughout the backyard. (complete with different voices). Made me laugh, made me call him a goob. :)

Preschoolers do know which way is up when planting onions...but it's fun to tease onions and plant their faces into the ground. the same works for garlic. and rotten onions are to be thrown far far away cause they are bad onions and shouldn't be with good, nice onions.

Planting carrots is very hard work! "I can't see them!!! they are too little! You do it mommy! I'm going to go play!"

Sometimes more rows are planted of things then what one originally anticipates, for example I wanted two rows of corn, and well...we have three rows now so that rest of the seeds won't be lonely. :)

The best thing to do after gardening is to sit on the couch with dad and watch a movie.

I have to try to plan out the rest of the gardens really well...I'm running out of room because of a boy child's help! :)

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