Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Parenting Dilemma... going stark raving mad......

I am going to go stark raving mad!

The boy is toilet trained. He KNOWS where to go pee.

So WHY?????? does he decide that he should pee in his bed? in a jar? in a pail? in an empty aquarium and ah...who knows what is next???


I don't get it.
He always has a plausible reason for what he does...but it's driving me bonkers!!!
The jar....so we have it for when we go the doctors
the pail....so I don't pee on the floor or get myself wet
the aquarium....I'm washing away the green stuff mommy.
the bed....I want to dream longer about bunny town.

Yes I know....probable shelf life of six weeks.

I don't know if I can survive six weeks.... I ship critters out for 2-3 violations of this code if there is nothing wrong with them. NO PEEING in the house on my floor!!!!!!!! (it drives me nuts!)

Last night he got me up TWICE because he peed his bed. One time? yeah okay...tired boy just sleeping. But the second time??? he was awake!!!!!!!!! he just wanted to dream longer about bunny town (he told me this tonight).

Tonight I put him to bed with a sheet protector on...what does he do? He pees on it!!!!! (wanted to test out my statement that it would keep the bed dry). Yet MORE laundry......

I am going stark raving mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coping skills?

Re-diapering an option...though he will get mightily offended at the notion.....(is it worth the offense you think??)


jen said...

What an awful situation. It would drive me nuts too. I think maybe he's testing you to see how far you'll let him go with this. Maybe a foot-down approach?

Annette said...

unfortunately a foot down approach tends to "get his back up" (it does with me too) and makes him more stubborn if it's a willfulness thing. My feeling is that it is not a willfulness thing but a processing/sorting things out thing. But it drives me nuts! Now...he hasn't peed in a jar for three days now! :) so that's progress! :)

and the aquarium yesterday made sense, it was empty and I had forbade him to do anything with it implement wise. (it's cracked I could see him dumping water in it and stirring it around and then breaking it with little boy blood everywhere so I headed that one off at the pass). So he was still being obedient and satisfying his desire to be "helpful". :)