Friday, May 15, 2009

Monthly Library Trip

Our every third week trip to the library resulted in these finds.

Nice little book. Teaches children about guinea pigs in a story format.

First time Jim heard this book read he laughed. My first impression's a bit silly. Justin's response.. "Read it again mommy! Daddy read this book all the way for me".

Not your normal counting book. It has a bunny in it... Justin is happy. He likes it. I suspect he'll get it out more than once.

This book has been a repeat visitor to our home. Justin Loves this book. He has a stuffed rabbit named...Rabbit...and this book is all about "rabbit". We change it a bit to include some of his other bunnies and life is just a fun read with this book. A nightly event. :)

Yes, our boy likes Dora. She's fun. She helps people. She too, (I was told tonight) lives in bunny town.

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