Friday, May 15, 2009

Meet Milo

This is our boy's cat Milo.

He is a striking brown and white Tabby cat.

He seems to be intelligent, definitely active, likes to eat the Old Cats food.

And he just recently been allowed out and about at night (spent last night sleeping with me). Sleeping with people is what he seems to like best. :)

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed meeting Milo.

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Kim said...

Milo is adorable!

Our kitty is now (he's about eight months old now) is almost a full-time outdoor cat. He refuses to come in at night. He seems to come in only to sleep these days!

jen said...

I love Milo! Who named him?

Annette said...

Justin named him.
His first choice for a name was "tagu, but not my tagu, but real tagu who is not a stuffy".

We suggested he find an easier name, like the kitty from Milo and Otis the movie and he latched on to that idea like a leech! So he's Milo.

Annette said...

can't do an outdoor cat here Kim. We live on a very busy street. I'm not paying vet bills for a cat who could become roadkill the next day. MILO wants to go outside but we tell him "NO Milo"...and "Milo don't be a bad kitty., ah ah ah". (that's justin's version of no milo)