Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Monday was the Victoria Day Long weekend.
Traditionally one of two days that fireworks are set off in Canada (the other being July 1st).

I grew up with fireworks.
Jim grew up with fireworks.

I MUCH prefer the at home version of fireworks....they aren't quite so loud. :)

Justin tried mightily to nap in the afternoon but just couldn't get his eyes to stay shut.

So I thought, we'll see how it goes. If we have to delay things a day we will, but we'll just see how it goes.

I went out to care for bunnies...he fell asleep on the couch. He was so tired after a busy day. I left him to nap for about 45 minutes all told.

Groggy boy child was woken up to do fireworks. Took him a bit to figure out we were going outside. He was very tired that he couldn't stay warm (gets that! from me) so I even took off my coat to help him stay warm. I shivered, he enjoyed. :)

We had a few different fireworks.

The screamer...we had one that went off that Justin's eyes popped open and the thumb sucking stopped. It was one that screamed up and then did a crackling, popping noise with splatters of colour. "Again" he whispered. :)

Then we had ones we called gigglers. This after daddy would light them and run away quickly from them and all they did was sputter and make noise in the grass. After that Jim would put them on the church parking lot and we could see them better. But Justin would just giggle away at them sputtering.

The Rockets didn't cause a whole lot of reaction other than for one boy child to follow them going up and up with his eyes. Just watched them very closely.

I think there was another type in the package that caused a boy child to smile but I can't recall what it did.

It was fun.

After the fireworks we pulled out the sparklers. He had fun!

First just holding them out to watch them sparkle.

Then looking at dandelions with the light of them.

then walking around both in the front and back yards waving and circling the sparkler around as he walked. Lots of smiles and "again!" and "another one" demands. :)

it was just a very enjoyable evening together.

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