Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Christian Carnival season again :)

will be working at this throughout the day, interspersing my daily activities just because's my blog and I can do that. :)

Just finished playing farm town on facebook. It's an addicting game. rather fun to meet people from around the world and chat while farming.

and well..I was just about to put in my first carnival entry and it tells me that google mail is not y'all will have to wait for a bit! :)

Just in from doing the bunnies. I raise bunnies. You can check out my blog here, or my website here. I am currently trying to finalize a sale for two female mini rex.

So here's the first entry: Covetousness, which is Idolatry brought to us by parableman.
In Colossians 3:5, Paul lists a bunch of things to put to death in oneself, ending with "covetousness, which is idolatry". He also links the two in a similar way in a parallel passage in Ephesians 5:5. The usual explanation for how covetousness is idolatry is to find elements of idolatry in covetousness. At root, idolatry in the Hebrew scriptures is the placing of anything above God or in the place of God. Having your priorities in the wrong order can be idolatry if it involves moving God to any place lower than the top. So if you're longing after something that's not yours, to the point where you place your desire for it above your desire for God, including the desire to be righteous and to be content with what God has given you, then you are in effect practicing a sort of idolatry.
Pseudo-Polymath presents Holy Week and Eastern Traditions.
Tonight we celebrated the last of the three Bridegroom Matins services. Wiki informs us in the post on Holy Week (and the East) that tonight in Greece a significant (majority?) of the sex trade industry workers attend this service. Why?
Okay...just took some time to do my devotions since my household is still very quiet at 920 a.m.! This is indeed unusual. :)

damascusmoments submitted two posts, can't do that so I willy-nilly picked this one: Religulous.
I’ve read a few reviews. They made me question whether I should steer clear, especially the ones from Christian sites, which major on the offence the Christian community might take. But then again, if something really annoys someone, there’s usually a reason for that…
The True and Perfect Word comes to us by way of The Bible Archive. And I have to admit, I didn't get the point of this post at all. Didn't even know what snippet to take to inspire others to read it. Perhaps others will get it. But I didn't. Sorry.

Christ's Bridge stops in with Prayer of the Week- Jesus's Blood. Nothing to clip and paste here otherwise you'll have no reason to stop in. :) Simple prayer.

My hubby just got up! We have life and movement in the house. I'm going to go get myself a late breakfast. Ah turkey and cheese like them! :)

C. Orthodoxy shows up with the post Twilight.
My wife is home sick today, so being the loving husband that I am, I rented Twilight for her to watch, then decided to watch it with her.
Thoughts and Confessions of a Girl Who Loves Jesus... gives us this post on Philippians 2:14-16 revisited .

14 Do all things without grumbling or questioning, 15 that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world, 16 holding fast to the word of life…

As I sat in Good Friday service last night, remembering all my Savior suffered for my sake, I cried. The above verses, which I promised to strive to achieve, so quickly forgotten this week. I am such a wretch.

Threads from Henry's Web developed this post called Stuck on Silent Saturday?

OK, it’s Easter Sunday morning, and I can join the chorus: He is risen!

But I know from experience that there are Christians out there who are stuck on silent Saturday or Good Friday. For them, Christianity is all–and only–about the cross. Jesus died, they died in Jesus. They had no hope. Jesus is their hope–but they don’t seem to live it.

Blessed by the Best is brought to us by Manely Montana. I couldn't get into see it as it's apparently protected. If someone could help me out with it, that would be nice. thanks.

What are we Celebrating Easter Sunday? is the question posed to us by Boston Bible Geeks.

On Easter Sunday, many pastors around this country will preach about new beginnings. They’ll draw analogies with the coming of Spring; the budding flowers and chirping birds show us that life begins anew and we can start a new phase of life. Christ’s resurrection will be spiritualized and said to be significant because it shows us that our lives can be refreshed.

And they’ll all miss the point.

Crossroads: Where Faith and Inquiry Meet tells us a story in For Easter - - A Testimony - - Mine.
A week from this next Tuesday (April 21), I will be celebrating my 46th spiritual birthday. I grew up in a liberal Protestant PCUSA-type of church (liberal Presbyterian) and didn't hear the gospel there. You might hear bits and pieces of the gospel in liberal Protestant churches, but most people, espeically children, would be hard pressed to put the few pieces together and fill in all the cracks.
Time Out for a conversation break with my hubby and to check on some laundry. Just found out that Walmart is going to be rounding it's pricing off to the dollar. Good idea thinks me. :)

Who Am I? asks the question Is it necessary to believe in the resurrection of Jesus to be saved?
Since it’s Easter week, I want to resurrect (I know–that’s a terrible pun) a discussion I participated in over at Evangelical Village a week or so ago. It began when my friend Matt posed a simple but important question:“What must a person know in order to be saved? What theological knowledge must a person know in order to become a believer?”
Ricks Victory Blog comes to us with The Benefits of the Worst Days of My Life. This post was hard for me to pin-point a selection out of. It's worth a read though. Go check it out.

The Minority thinker presents us with this post on Understanding God.
God is, well, God. He is not human; He is immeasurably more.
Taking another break to watch this short you-tube video.

and I'm starting to hear sounds of my preschooler waking up after a very restless night of sleep.
So my time will become more truncated this day.

at My Meditation Garden we find the questions Is Prayer a Form of Meditation? another post that I wasn't quite sure what to pull out as a teaser. not entirely sure what I think of this post either. thought provoking...but not sure if that's in a good way or not.....give it a read.

sitting here cuddling with a still waking up boy child for a while.

The Life I Now Live gives us More than Enough. A devotional based on the following:
Devotional for April 13-19, 2009
“And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.” 2 Corinthians 9: 8 NIV
Two days since Easter and shows up at Tidbits and Treasures.
We can shout from the rooftops that ‘Jesus is still alive’. No amount of circumstances can change that fact. The storms that have been raging throughout the territory will not change it. They may change the face of the earth, upset us, but they will never change the fact that Jesus rose from the dead and is alive in us today.
Listening to Thomas the train, the magic railroad as I finish this carnival. presents us with this query Who is the guy with the beard?

Then comes the question that should be directed to each one of us.

“But what about you? Who do you say I am?”

Jesus was very wise in the way he asked his question. (After all, he is Jesus.) He says to his disciples, “Firstly let’s clear up what everyone else is saying about me.” It can be very easy for us to parrot someone else’s idea of who Jesus was or is. There are so many options that we can easily pick one that sounds reasonable to us.

Top 10 New Spiritual Discoveries on the Last Segment of My Christian Journey is located at parables of a prodigal world.
It's been about 9 months or so since my last act of processing/synthesizing the latest segment of my Christian journey. Figured its about time for another one.

So, in no particular order...

and I think that's the last of them. I'll go now and double check my inbox and see what shows up there. if nothing, then enjoy the reads. and if there are I'll add them afterwards. There are some good ones, some thought-provoking ones and well...of course some that I just didn't get. :) Enjoy!

ah... Rob Haslam submitted his whole blog but we can't quite do that, so....I'm not adding that one until I get confirmation on the entry that he is submitting.

So that's it for now!


Rey said...

Yeah, my thing was a satire. I thought I included that on the blog submission form but obviously not...heh heh. I'm basically making poking fun of the folk who participate in an unhealthy amount of parallelomania, redaction and so forth to come up with a Bible that is a story that has the almighty as a Deistic God.

Myrrh said...

I totally got Rey's post. I think most other people will too. It's excellent and worth spreading around the blogosphere, IMHO.