Monday, January 19, 2009

Cyber Hymnal - new website

kerux noemata alerted me to this update.

Cyber Hymnal has a new website.

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Anonymous said...

I copied this from another blog. It contains important information about Cyberhymnal:


If you know anyone using Word.Net, tell them to find another company to do business with.

From what I can tell, they took the sweat and tears of the man that spent 15 years putting together the Cyber Hymnal piece by piece and are not using it for their greedy gains.

Here's what I figure happened:

1) jumped on the domain name once it expired.

2) It hit the owner of Cyber Hymnal by surprise, but because domain laws are what they are, there was nothing he could do

3) Word.Net took ALL the hard work this man did and is not using it for their own greedy gain. Notice how EVERY page now has advertising! For all these years, the pages never had any ads.

It's horrible that a company that claims to serve God is only using God's name for stuffing their pockets!

Spread the word. Cyberhymnal needs to go back to the original owner.