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Christian Carnival, fifth anniversary edition

Today is the fifth anniversary of the Christian Carnival. We have alot of posts made for today. :) With that in mind I searched for some clip art that symbolized in one way or the other, fifth anniversaries. You'll find them scattered throughout.

Real Estate Investing Journey sent us this post on Expectations Kill Happiness, so Kill your Expectations.
In How To Succeed In The Face Of Failure And Discouragement we show how expectations can derail your real estate ambitions before you even get a chance to start.
An Emerging Relativism is sent to us by Returning King.
"Relativism" is the philosophical concept that a certain aspect of one's experience is dependent upon another.

Doug Boude submits My Yoke is Easy and my Burden is Light.
Want to be a good man or woman? Want to truly become a new creature, or put on Christ, or any other phrasing that means the same thing? It’s your actions on the outside that have the ability to change who you are on the inside. Knowledge is a first prerequisite, but the doing of it is what actually accomplishes true change.
Thank you is sent to us by Christ's Bridge. Here we find a prayer for President Obama.

Homeward Bound reflects on Her Needs, My Needs. Thought this a good entry, couldn't clip a piece out of it that would be full enough, without copying the whole post. Eph 5:25 restated to make it more readily apparent if you are obeying it. Just go read it. :)

Your Christian voice sends us Tract Attack.
Now I admire this girl and her dedication to spread God's word. I believe that in her heart she was doing a great thing and it was a perfect non abrasive way to educate a non Christian about her beliefs, but as I read over the tract she had given me I felt somewhat disturbed with what I was reading and saddened that her efforts may be in vein a lot of the time.
Fish and Cans shows up with True Woman - Affirming our Faith.

You don’t leave the house with your clothes on inside out, but when it comes to modesty, that’s what you need to do. First, work on the inside—on your heart—then let that be reflected on the outside.*

  • Your appearance, actions, and attitudes will never make you a Christian. But if you are a Christian, you absolutely will have an appearance, attitudes, and actions that confirm your profession of faith.
  • We are not to be in any way that is unbecoming of us as believers—not in disarray; not as exhibitionists; not extreme.
  • We need be filled with the Spirit and grounded in the Word of God so that our hearts, emotions, and minds will be well-ordered; then it will be reflected in our outward appearances.

Spirituality comes directly from the blog Sweet Escape - Inspiring thoughts.
Spirituality is often simply accepting where life takes you. We feel that life is happening TO us. We're in this stream of life, and instead of relaxing into it, we're swimming as hard as we can against the current. That goes against our spiritual instinct. The spiritual instinct is to relax into the mystery of life as it's happening.
Christian Business Advice makes us think with this post on 300 Men can make a difference Part III.
Believe it or not, there are a lot of similarities of the Spartan soldiers in the movie 300 and the plight of today’s Christian Leaders. After watching the movie, I spent the next couple of days reading and researching more on these 300 men who willingly took the “Road Less Traveled.” What was their motivation? Why did that seem like the only option? Why does their story remind me so much of the Christian journey
?A true Believers Blog gives us Prayer as Synthemata.
This question has been all the rage ever since Pres-elect Obama chose Saddleback’s Pastor Rick Warren to give the opening invocation for the Inauguration tomorrow. I’ve been following the controversy with some amusement.
The pray without ceasing experiment is brought to us by Christian PF.
That said, I think he was referring to more of a continual fellowship with God. Not knowing everyone’s situation, but judging from my own life, my hunch is that one of the biggest challenges our generation faces is distraction. Never has there been so many things fiercely fighting for our attention. But God isn’t. He is a gentleman, who is waiting for us to draw near to Him (James 4:8).

Oline E-book e-Publishing Blog gives us Why so Sad? and Bad times 101.
Today it only take one a few moments in public to bump into someone who is extremely sad and down on their luck. Today there is an abundance of sadness and depressed people all walking around as if in a daze.
Chasing the Wind writes this about Walking in Christ.
Some philosophies of life are awe-inspiring. Others are depressing. Philosophies of “live it up” or “just getting by” or “what’s in it for me” tell us a lot about the person who believes them. Would it surprise you to know that Christ has a philosophy for us? Jesus Christ wants us to walk the Christian walk.
Thoughts and confessions from a girl who loves Jesus writes on Psalm 103 - Bless the Lord, O My Soul.
By the time I got relieved for lunch, all I wanted to do was go spend time with the Lord. I was still sad and I just needed Him. I wanted Him more than I wanted food. I went outside and sat on the curb and cried. I just poured my heart out to Him. I apologized for being a complainer and for always being sad. Then I opened the Psalms because I find comfort there. I memorized Psalm 23, which I find very comforting. Then I found Psalm 103. The following verses really hit home.
Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged is held forth by You are Truly Loved.
We’ve all heard the famous statement in the Bible saying, “Judge not, lest ye be judged.”

Great, but what does that really mean? I recently listened to Bashar explain this statement and it was truly an eye-opening experience so I’d like to share this realization with you all now.

It seems that the above statement regarding judgment has been misinterpreted by people over time, something very common (and actually almost unavoidable) when people try to understand something that someone who’s coming from a much higher level of consciousness has said. In the process there’s been some information that was, shall we say, lost in translation.

Crossroads composed this post on More on this a and b dilemma. Another of those hard to pull out a teaser posts....this post will make you think. Perhaps you can even help. Go read it. :)

Your Christian Voice communicates with this piece on Don't worry, be happy.
In these tough economic times it seems there is a lot of worry on the minds of everyone. Whether it be worrying over losing your job, losing your home, losing your car or all of the above there is a large amount of stress and pressure put on many of us. These times are when we need to reach out to God most of all. God is always with us and can carry us through what seems to be the worst. He is our strength when we are weak and our shelter from the storm.
Richard (of the really long blog name). :) created this work in progress on The Samaritans.
Outside the Camp suggested that the unknown author of the Epistle to the Hebrews wrote to the Jewish Christian communities in Jerusalem served by the ministry of meals. One of those communities was the Samaritans.

How Great thou Art was a piece pictorially and verbally created by The Radiant view.
When I look around this beautiful world that we live in, I cannot help but to see the awesomeness of God everywhere!

Heart, Mind, Soul and Strength submits The New Prophesies and Dates of the Gospels.
Now that we have reviewed all of the new prophecies recorded by the authors of the four gospels, we are in a position to look for patterns that may indicate the date of authorship. We have seen some of the problems in determining to what exactly the prophecies are referring. When the reference is clear we can review the way the prophecies are handled and look for patterns that may indicate the date of authorship.
Security Alert: No Download Allowed is presented by A Mother's Season.
God paid extra attention to one particular part of our being....our hearts. God has given us our children to "train up in the way that they should go, so when they are old they will not depart from it (training). We are here to guide them along with God's help. So what kind of security settings have we wired into their hearts and minds that will give the same message when the world around them tries to download a corrupt file. Those totally contrary to your own beliefs. While we would like to be everywhere our children are, we can't be. We have firewalls for our computers, antivirus software, shop through secure websites. How much more important are our children?

Parableman comes to us with The broadness of Inerrancy.
Inerrancy is often criticized as a narrow position, but there's actually a wide range of views that count as inerrantist.
From Diary of One we learn about Berthe Fraser.
In Nazi occupied France during the dark days of WWII, there was a group of valiant and daring individuals known as the French Resistance. They dared to defy the vice-grip of Nazi Germany (as well as the French collaborators) using stealth, reconnaissance, infiltration, and whatever means necessary to save their beloved country and fellow man from destruction. Most of these brave souls were subject to betrayal, unspeakable torture, or death. One of these members of the French Resistance appeared to be an ordinary housewife, but Berthe Fraser was anything but ordinary.
Happy Fifth Anniversary Christian Carnival!


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