Friday, December 26, 2008

Books the Buggy Likes

Justin is still recovering from illness.
We decided (as in I got fed up with tears when things didn't work well with his newest Thomas the tank engine set up) to read some books after a nice bath.

We discovered these books in our stack of books. We read about 20 books....these ones earned smiles and read it again mom! requests.

Little Owl's Favorite Uncle.

- just a very nice little book. Justin smiled and asked all kinds of why questions with this book. He even asked for it again at be read BEFORE his very favorite thomas book! :) That tells yah something don't it? :)

A book called "1 is Red" by Western Publishing. It's an old book. It's part of the tell-a-tale book series. It's just a counting book, lots of things to look at on the different pages.

The King's numbers and The King's Alphabet

- lots of things to look at on all the pages. Lots of why questions being asked. The numbers book had all sorts of different number groupings on them. Made it easy to count over and over again.

Another old book "peppermint". Put out by Merrigold press
This is a book about a little white cat that turns blue by the end of the book. Earned a downright "guffaw" from a tired little lad. Read it again mommy, read it again! I wasn't going to as I was getting tired of lying on the floor...but a downcast face changed my mind. :)

I like to be little

- for a boy who oft says "I'm not going to be big. I'm staying little. Little and tiny!". :) This book fits so well. He smiled and cuddled closer when we read this book so of course when we finished we HAD to read it again.

We read lots of others as well...but these by farm were the favourites. Funny how it's the oldest books out there that he likes the most (next to his Thomas books of course). :)

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jen elslager said...

So sad to be sick on Christmas! I hope he feels better soon.