Saturday, November 08, 2008

prayer that makes sense to a little boy

We searched and searched and searched some more.
Figured he was lost in the leaves outside.
Sent Justin to bed without him....
a very sad boy.

Where Justin's night prayer was....

Dear God.
Help mommy and daddy to find Tagu.
I like him.
I want him.
in Jesus' name amen.

Then after a certain nefarious beast was found hiding with crackers in a MacDonald's bag and delivered to very sad, very sleepy child....

Dear God. (said with a very big smile)
Thank you for helping mommy find Tagu.
In Jesus Name Amen.

have to admit..that made my mommy's heart smile. :)


jen elslager said...

It made my 'mommy's heart' smile too, 'nets. How incredibly dear they are...

Annette said...

and he still remembers...even 24 hours later that God helped mommy find Tagu. :)