Tuesday, September 02, 2008

We're back again :)

Wow, what a nice time away we had.

We camped at Bronte Creek Provincial Park.

We visited with friends of Jim's from college days. Young family with two young children. Justin played well with them.

We hung out and did "nothing".
We read lots of books (all three of us).
We slept.

Justin played with children.
He enjoyed playing in "the barn" in the day use area.
We went swimming.
We did some sight-seeing and some shopping.
We ate well. We ate poorly. :) Hey...we're camping. :)

Justin cried when we left. He wanted to stay camping. "want to stay camping and get chocolate milk!" Such a mournful cry.

When I returned I had a litter of babies!!!!!!!!! Two in fact. A singleton from a new mom. And eight from my big back doe. The new mom I expected, the eight well..... were a really, really nice surprise from a late running doe. :)

The good: relaxing, laughing, reading, camp fires, visiting, etc....
The odd: seeing a little boy rip off his clothes and run around the camp site peeing as he went. "Justin! Put some clothes on, we go pee in the bathroom!" "NO! Pee on the grass!"
The bad: LONG grass on our campsite - made the campsite seem like it was wet all the time, Yellow Jackets galore!, and mosquitos as constant.


jen elslager said...

I'm glad you're back! :)

Annette said...

we are too! :)

Rileysowner said...

The friend was actually from my seminary days, but close enough. It was fun.