Sunday, September 07, 2008

How to see God in All?

So as you know, I've decided to study the Sunday's sermons passage before church. Wow...certainly helped me listen better since I knew the basic gist of what he was going to talk about. Even missing the first five minutes due to Justin having to get some crayons which were SUPPOSED to be in my church bag but somehow weren't I still followed the sermon fairly well.

One of the things Jim mentioned was that we need to focus on God ALL the time. To look for him in things. To make it a point of doing so. It helps us to know God better and therefore to boast in him and our knowledge of him. (I am paraphrasing).

That got me thinking.
As some of you know, we plan to homeschool Justin. A part of Jim's sermon was that folks in school need to think about how God fits in with their schooling. When taking a college do you see God in your art class?

I'm thinking it would behoove me to figure out how to get Justin NOW and throughout his schooling to think about how God figures into it all. I really want to help Justin develop a solidly Christian world-view, so that means helping him figure out how God fits into his world in every way that I can think of, help him shape his thinking.

So now I have to figure out, how can I do that?
It's more I think than using scripture in study - whether that be copywork, or memorization or whatever. Though that's part of it, because the more Justin knows the word of God, the more hopefully he'll learn of it and become drawn to God more as I pray that God will draw Justin to himself. (I probably said that poorly).

But how do I teach him to really think about how God fits in with it all? That's my query. I am NOT a hugely critical thinker. Jim is WAY more discerning about things than I am. I can get the thought that something isn't right, but Jim tends to pinpoint it really quickly. :) I'm quicker at saying where I see God in something, but I don't know..... I feel somewhat unprepared for this aspect of things and want to figure out how to feel more "prepared" to help my boy in this important aspect of knowing and loving God.


Kay Martin said...

For many years I have "felt" God to be with me and in the middle of everything I do and think. After reading Practicing the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence I intentionally decided that this was a fact and I would bring my attention to stay focused on that fact.

He's Alive and He's Here.

Renae said...

Encyclopedia of Bible Truths is very helpful for seeing the biblical principles of every subject.

Also, some of the Principle Approach material has really helped me understand God is revealed in all the school subjects.

We can see and understand his nature by studying math, recognize his providence in history, see the importance of relationship through words. The Bible is the foundation, but we need that revelation. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide you. We are on an amazing journey.

Annette said...

thank you for that. :)