Saturday, September 06, 2008

Artifacts to Go Digital

Somewhere in the blogosphere I was pointed to this article. Sorry I can't remember if it was you remind me. Then I'll properly HT you. :)
Decades after a Bedouin shepherd stumbled upon the famed Dead Sea Scrolls, technological advancements have uncovered additional text never before decipherable on the ancient biblical manuscripts. Using infrared technology, the Israel Antiquities Authority had recently begun digitally photographing the scrolls in order to monitor their condition. But when the first scans came back, officials noticed that formerly illegible portions were now clearly readable. Israel Antiquities Authority head of conservation Pnina Shor told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation it was “like letters coming back to life.” Once the digital scans of the scrolls are completed, the Israel Antiquities Authority plans to make the images available on the Internet where anyone can view them.

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