Friday, August 01, 2008

Today the first of August

Did you know that in 7 days I will 43 years old. Sounds a bit old to me. One of the girls at work (Subway, I work there Fridays 11-2:30) said,'re old! I didn't take it poorly..... after all, she's just barely 16, and young 16 at that. :) perspectives change.

Today was a good day DESPITE my watch stopping on me this morning and almost making me late for work. But I wasn' least according the computer and radio. Max at work sets the clock there 5 minutes early. I find it rather irritating.

I got a lot done. I got the bricks power washed. Now to find a place to stack them.

I got the front AND back lawns mowed. Most of the mess cleaned up in the backyard. Played with Justin too (after he got up from his nap). Yes...he napped today! I got home from work to find him laying on top his dad napping. Jim had this look of...I need to get this boy child moved now! :) I helped. :)

Got my household money sorted out for the month and went shopping with the whole family. We're slowly replacing the stuff that we lost in the fridge melt down.

Justin was fairly well-behaved tonight. His default behaviour is to scream and whine when he decides that something must be done and must be done now. it gets a bit old and tiresome on the ears. But he is learning that I respond better if he asks in a nicer tone of voice. He is very helpful with the bunnies and likes to try new things. Yesterday I moved all the bunnies around so tonight he was saying things like "red...what you doing here?" "Mommy, buttons in wrong cage!!!!" "Hi sweetheart, what you doing here?" and so on and so forth. Learned that I need to fix one of the cages as in YESTERDAY should have fixed it as he pinched his little behind between two pieces of wood. NOT fun.

Jim, my sweet man, has gotten most of the work done in replacing the seals in the rear axles.

And that's about it. The buggy went to bed at 1000, I'm going to bed as soon as I'm done with the blog for the night.

Talk at yah later! :)

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