Friday, August 22, 2008

My apologies

Sorry folks that I haven't been around much.

why haven't I?

1. I've had sick bunnies for the past bit, that's been eating up some of my time and energy.

2. It's summer...I've other things to do. :)

3. Been tired....just ever so tired...need to get to bed on time, need to stop being busy, need to....oh so many things. :)

4. this week's been VBS for the boy child which means leaving EARLY in the morning (for him 9 a.m. is early takes him a good hour to get going usually)

Anyways, next week we're on holidays. Hopefully will prove to be more restful for Jim. We'll be in the T.O. area, seeing sites, relaxing, visiting friends hopefully. Should be fun, but means I won't be here either.

Thinking I'll put Hebrews on hold. Got an interesting book from Jim's mom which has captured my interest. Think I'll be sharing my thoughts on it, and hopefully getting feedback from you all about it as well.


1 comment:

Kay Martin said...

We've missed you. Looking forward to you sharing all you're doing and the new book sounds intriquing. As young mother you are echoing what I'm hearing from others.."so tired." Maybe that is topic you can explore. As an older woman I'm concerned with how many young women are so tired.

God bless and you're missed.