Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Making Progress

Yesterday was a good productive day around here.

Got laundry done, got the cold storage cleaned out and I got the garage cleaned out. Three big jobs....assisted by a boy who had a nap in the afternoon.

I even had time to podge a cat box with Justin. :) Justin kept saying 'podging fun' 'painting mom?' and when we were done "these painting (the sticks) need be kept safe" "i put them here mom for little while". He happily went to bed not even having ice cream! :) A pudding cup was good tonight.

Jim went to the dentist, and then did some visiting, did some good research for sermons, and mostly fixed the muffler on my car. A gasket decided to break so Jim took the opportunity to take it all off, fix the gasket and then re-weld the previously broken part so it will hold better.

I was beat so went up to bed at 1030, only to be kept awake by banging in the kitchen. Came down this morning to a cleaned up kitchen. Wow...isn't my hubby helpful?

Today my plans are to clean out the walk in closet, and tackle the book room. If I have time I'll put up a couple shelves in the walk in closet so we have more places to put things up off the floor. Might even toss out some old shoes. :) One never knows what one finds when closets are tidied. Maybe I'll vacuum the whole main floor too, but not until the closet is cleaned, no point doing it twice! :)

Anyways, off to take the dog for a short walk, she bunged up her leg again yesterday and wasn't weight-bearing on it at all yesterday and hobbling throughout the night. So just a potty walk for her. Then to medicate the bunnies and get on with the day. Oh...first I'll finish off Philemon though. :)

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