Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What Happenes when....

What happens when a refrigerator stops doing it's job and no one is home.

1. things thaw
2. things explode (aka the pickles that we found all over the fridge because they over heated and went pop.
3. overheated, thawed meat that isn't cooked STINKS! It will make a whole house stink.
4. fruit gets VERY mouldy
5. Cooked celery in a bag...oh joy..what fun. Becomes VERY slimey.
6. goo... that's what happens...Goo.... (I still shiver thinking of that goo)
7. things get tossed post haste into bags and dragged outside where one warns one's neighbours that that horrid odour is from a fridge that stopped working.
8. one gains sympathy due to the fore-a-mentioned.

What else?
Parents have a chance to ease a daughter's heart by coming to help.


Stan said...

Then you can appreciate this. When my wife and I moved from California (temperate) to Arizona (HOT), we moved first to an apartment (over the summer) and stored our belongings. Six months later we moved into our house. When the guys brought in the refrigerator, my wife says, "Smells funny." I said, "Oh, just mildew." I was wrong. When we opened it, we found that there was half a dozen eggs left inside ... from California ... having dislodged and exploded in transport ... and horribly cooked by 120°+ heat. Oh, it wasn't pretty. "Time for a new refrigerator, dear?" I asked ...

Annette said...

Stan....all I can say is Oh my!

Rileysowner said...

I just hope we can get the smell out since the church at this point is going to get it fixed.