Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Birthday and other such things

Justin is now three years old. We celebrated his birthday on Sunday, family came up, seemed like folks had an enjoyable time. I even made a cake AND decorated it. Wasn't the worlds best decorating job but hey...he's three, he was happy and he got to help! :) I'll need to post a pic but right now my camera is somewhere in this house where I can't see it. :) Being three has meant some changes in Justin's life.1. No more bottles during the day except at nap times and bedtime. All other times nada. he's not happy. But he can do the other, so I want to encourage the other. I haven't forced a complete separation, but I am helping him give them up a bit more. (I'm getting sick of bottles)
2. No more car seat. He is now in a booster seat. Wow...what a change for a boy who likes things to stay the same. Yeah for Uncle Fred bringing us their old booster seat. :)
3. A bit more is expected from him in helping to clean things up around here. He's a big boy now don'tcha' know! :)

What else.....plants are growing well in the garden. I'm a bit unimpressed that my "bush" squashes aren't bush squashes and seem to be taking over the world at this point. They are vining everywhere it seems. I don't like. No I don't!

Next week we are on holidays. Had a bit of a panic yesterday. The girls who were going to care for our bunnies canceled on us. I called the CRC church to see if they knew anyone in town with youngsters who might like to make some cash and a family came through for us. BUT WOW...what a bit of a panic.

Jim managed for the most part to fix the muffler on my car. Welding and everything. :) He's my man!

Going to the market tomorrow. Bringing some bunnies with me to sell to folks who requested delivery to Kitchener. Four bunnies to find new homes. Yeah! :) $40 bucks in my pocket--- double yeah! :) Update: brought four with me, came back home with two of them. Fellow backed out at the last minute. Hadn't spoken with all affected parties first.

Anyways, got to go walk Sassy and care for the bunnies. talk at yah later.


Holly said...

Happy Birthday, Justin! What a big boy!


(Hi Annette!)

Annette said...

Hi Holly
really need to write you a note one of these days. Oh..and I need your new snail mail addie. :)

Rileysowner said...

I noticed the squash plant escaping the garden, but I didn't know it had plans on the world. We better look out.

jen elslager said...

Oh, I'm so late on everything!! Happy birthday to Justin! I hope it was a lovely birthday for a great big boy!